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Families in Transition: November 2023 Newsletter

Time of Change & Thankfulness

Change is coming with the turning of the weather, leaves, and clocks! With Thanksgiving around the corner, we hope you take the time to show appreciation and give thanks to the people and things around you. Read on to learn more about upcoming fun, informative FIT program events, resources, and information.



This is a reminder that we have 2 workshops and 2 volunteer events planned for the remainder of the semester. These amounts are subject to change, but it is unlikely and will not decrease. Please make sure you complete your scholarship requirement of 1 workshop event and 2 volunteer events to receive your scholarship awards.

To check your current FIT High School Scholarship credits, check our website at To find your FIT Scholarship ID, please refer to the email with your acceptance/waitlisted status. If you have any questions or issues with finding your FIT Scholarship ID, credits, or status, please email



👻 Global Candy & Story Exchange 👻

Thank you to our 15 participants who joined our Global Candy & Story Exchange on a sunny Sunday morning on October 8th for a workshop event with us. For this workshop, participants were put in groups to research a story from a different country. Students then made crafts including slime and paper crafts to share their stories with everyone. Afterwards, students exchanged candies from different countries including China, Australia, Britain, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Brazil, and Germany.


🎃 The Great HauntWay 🎃

Thank you to our 8 participants who joined our Great HauntWay volunteering event on a sunny Sunday on October 29th to help set up for the annual Great Highway Halloween event. We were so efficient that we finished 45 minutes early! We hope everyone had a fulfilling time giving back to the community.

Afterwards, scholars enjoyed their time with drinks from the Java Beach Cafe with live music from local artists.



🎬 Movie Day Bonding Event 🎬

We are hosting our first bonding event of the year, the Movie Day Bonding Event! Participate in this event to vote for and watch a movie. Snacks, food, and drinks will be provided. Remember that everyone is welcome to join and invite friends even if they are not participants of the program! This event is on Sunday, November 12th from 10:30AM to 2:30PM. Sign up through the link here.


🧵 Zero Waste Repair - Workshop 🧵

Join us for the Zero Waste Repair Workshop on Sunday, November 19 from 10AM to 11AM to learn how to sew and repair old clothes. You will also get a chance to give new life to your old fabrics by making plushies or pouches out of them or learn to embroider them. This event will be on Zoom, and the link will be sent through email when it gets closer to the event date.

Some materials you will need for the event are: sewing/embroidery needle, sewing/embroidery thread, clothes to mend, fabric. Other optional materials you may need include: Poly-fil, embroidery hoop, or buttons.

If you need any of these materials, you can schedule a time with us through email to pick the materials up from our office at 747 Commercial St. Please schedule for materials pick up on November 6 to November 17, Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM to 4:00PM or at in-person events.

This event counts for 1 FIT Scholarship workshop credit. Sign up using this link here.


🎄 World Tree of Hope Decoration - Volunteer 🎄

For this month’s volunteering event, we are partnering with the Rainbow World Fund to decorate the World Tree of Hope. The World Tree of Hope is the largest origami decorated holiday tree in the world. It is decorated with origami cranes and stars with wishes from all over the world for the future and global unity. You can also submit your own wish here!

On Saturday, November 18th from 10:45AM to 2PM, we will gather at the Grace Cathedral and help fold origami cranes and stars to decorate the tree. No prior origami folding knowledge is required to participate.

This event counts for 1 FIT Scholarship volunteer credit. Sign up using this link here.

Please keep in mind that the APEC Summit will be happening from November 14-19th. This means traffic and muni will be rerouted. Read here to learn more about the street closures and route changes.



💡 2nd Annual Visitacion Valley Light Festival 💡

Enjoy the Second Annual Visitacion Valley Light Festival on November 10 & 11 from 5PM to 8PM. This free annual event is a community art event for families to explore and interact with light art created by local Bay Area artists. During this event weekend, Leland Corridor businesses will stay open late to serve as food and drink booths for participants. On top of the light art displays, there will also be family-friendly activities like photo booths, Visitacion Valley history movie showings, Christmas carol karaoke, and a live jazz band. This event takes place in:

Visitacion Valley Greenway

200 Rutland St.

San Francisco, CA 94134

To RSVP, volunteer, or bring your own art to the event, visit this website:


🌆 Inner Sunset Flea Market 🌆

Attend the monthly Inner Sunset Flea Market that features over 30 residents, artisans, nonprofits, and local business vendors. This grassroots-organized event is held on Sunday, November 12th from 10AM-4PM. The flea market takes place in the heart of San Francisco’s Inner Sunset neighborhood at:

9th Avenue & Irving Street

San Francisco, CA 94122

This family-friendly event is for the community, by the community. It is accessible by the Muni N Judah streetcar and the 6, 7, 43, 44, and 46 buses. For more information, visit


🏞 Free National Parks Day 🏞

Celebrate Veterans Day with free admissions to all National Parks admissions across the country. On November 11th, all national parks will waive admissions and allow visitors to enter for free! Some national parks and activities to consider in California include:

  • Yosemite National Park: visit the iconic Yosemite Falls, granite falls of El Capitan, Bridalveil Fall iconic vista

  • Pinnacles National Park: rock formations from extinct volcanoes for rock climbers, talus caves with at least 13 species of bats, habitat of prairie falcons and California condors

  • Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks: huge sequoia trees and the General Sherman Tree, underground Crystal Cave with streams and rock formations, Moro Rock granite dome

  • Death Valley National Park: stargazing without light pollution, Zabriskie Point overlooking badlands and salt flats, the lowest point in North America with vast salt flats in Badwater Basin, Death Valley’s best-known dune field Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

  • Joshua Tree National Park: hiking trails into the boulders of the Hidden Valley, see the Joshua tree yucca plans, see interesting rock formations like the Skull Rock, Split Rock, or Arch Rock

To search some national parks by state, activity, or topic, visit



💻 Operation Start 💻

Operation Start is a youth-led organization that provides an online platform for students, nonprofits, and schools. The platform is a free database of enrichment opportunities in San Francisco where students can explore their passions and interests, nonprofits can recruit and advertise the opportunities they offer, and school staff can refer students to find any enrichment opportunities. Students can use this website to find more information about scholarships, internships, and college preparation. To access the Operation Start website, visit:


🔥 Hype Center: Helping Young People Elevate 🔥

The HYPE Center is a multi-service drop-in center designed by and for young people to easily access the services and resources they want from multiple providers under one roof. This includes resources such as: mental health services, legal clinics, education support, housing support, employment support, training, workshops, classes, financial literacy, and health and wellness. HYPE Center also has on-site resources such as an open kitchen for free meals, a computer lab, movement and mindfulness areas, clothing, self-care, and hygiene supplies. All of HYPE’s resources and services are free, and they welcome ALL Bay Area youth between ages 14-24.

To join, drop in for a New Member Orientation between 11am and 6pm, Monday - Thursday, at 198 Potrero Avenue.



🍂 Harvest Festivals Around the World 🍂

With Thanksgiving as the United States’ harvest festival and national holiday, let’s take a look at other harvest festivals around the world:

  • Rice Harvest in Bali: This harvest festival celebrates Bali’s rice goddess, Dewi Sri, by decorating villages with flags, building simple bamboo temples dedicated to Dewi Sri, and placing small dolls of rice stalks as offerings to the goddess.

  • Chanthaburi Fruit Fair in Thailand: During the summer harvest, an annual Fruit Fair is held to exhibit native fruits such as durians, rambutans, mangosteens, and longans. On the opening day parade, there is a parade with floats made from thousands of tropical fruits and vegetables.

  • Yam Festival in Ghana: To celebrate the end of the rainy season and when the staple crop of yams are ripe, the Ewe people of Ghana hold a festival in August and September with huge feasts, dances, and parades in hopes of continued good harvests.

  • Celebration of Bread in England: Originally, the English harvest festival of Lammas, also known as the Celebration of Bread, celebrated the beginning of the harvest season. Bread was made from new wheat to give thanks for the harvest. At the end of the harvest, a big meal known as the Harvest Supper is held. The tradition of the Harvest Supper is still celebrated in England today.


💬 Quote of the Month 💬


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