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CCSC Summer Camp Mooncake Making with iCafe on KTSF26

During CCSC's summer camp, we partnered with iCafe to teach our elementary students how to make mooncakes. Making mooncakes was an excellent way for our students to learn more about Chinese traditions, especially when learning from the trained expert pastry chefs at iCafe with decades of experience. Since a lot of our students come from Chinese backgrounds, this was a great way for them to connect with their Chinese cultural heritage. Especially with the Autumn Moon Festival coming up, students can learn how to make the traditional pastry used to celebrate the holiday, mooncakes. CCSC is honored to be able to offer culturally significant, fun, and hands-on activities and opportunities for our students to participate in.

KTSF26, a local Bay Area news agency, filmed and broadcasted this event on August 11, 2023. The videos below are the KTSF26 broadcast of the event. The first video is the segment with the iCafe pastry chefs to teach everyone how to make mooncakes. The second video is the segment with interviews from CCSC summer camp students, camp counselors, and our executive director, Ashley Cheng.


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