Environmental Education Efforts in the Community


For many years, Charity Cultural Services Center has had a hand in educating San Francisco communities on the importance of being environmentally conscious. CCSC participates in outreach efforts to educate seniors and business on the benefits of recycling and composting to reduce the amount of wasted in our communities. Since 2004, CCSC in partnership with San Francisco’s Department of Environment, held events to educate our communities about the benefits of using reusable bags.

CCSC hosted the Reducing Plastic Bags Event in Chinatown

As many people know, San Francisco’s Chinatown is a bustling community full of small, Everyday, thousands of small pink or white plastic bags are distributed to consumers. Many of these bags end up littering the streets, clogging the drains, or being stuffed into garbage cans. Plastic bags are rarely reused and always end up in landfills.family-owed grocery stores and fruit stands.


To raise awareness and educate residents and businesses on the benefits of reusable bags, CCSC planned a community event that involved all the small businesses and their consumers. This event series took place over three separated days. The first day was an educational workshop. Every participant that came to the environmental education workshop was given an Earth-friendly reusable grocery bag, provided by the Department of Environment, while they learned about the wastefulness of plastic bags and how reusable bags can save businesses and residents money. On this day, participants learned about the details of how they can participate in the event.


CCSC sent youth volunteers from our Families in Transition program to each participating grocery store to hand out raffle tickets to every consumer that used a reusable bag that day. On the third day of this event series, CCSC held a prize drawing at the center to announce the winning raffle ticket numbers to the media. The winning numbers were published in a press release and posted at CCSC. Winners of these drawings received gift certificates and many other prizes courtesy of the participating small businesses.


The purpose of these raffles was to encourage the use of reusable bags and reward residents for their awareness. CCSC hopes that this event will develop a sense of team spirit in the community by building a stronger bond between business owners and residents.

Environmental call for action to friends, family and neighbors!

In April 2015, the Charity Cultural Service Center announced the launch of a campaign to promote used motor oil and oil filter recycling to the Chinese communities with the support of the San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment). We are excited by this new partnership and look forward to providing our communities with the best environmental information and guidance that SF Environment can offer – in Chinese and English.

Know the Hazards of Dumping Used Motor Oil and Dirty Filters

The improper disposal of used motor oil and filters is dangerous not only to wildlife but also to our families, children, and neighbors. Used motor oil contains a range of contaminating toxic chemicals, including lead, magnesium, copper, zinc, chromium, arsenic, and chlorinated compounds. A pint of used motor oil can create a one-acre oil slick on open water. Most people don’t realize that dumping oil and other pollutants into a gutter, street, or storm drain is a major cause of health problems and pollution – and that it’s illegal.

Give a Second Life to Recycled Motor Oil

With increased awareness of the benefits of used motor oil recycling and clear instructions on how to properly handle and drop off used motor oil and filters for free, we are imploring you to encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to reduce potential health hazards and pollution in our Bay by giving the motor oil a useful second life.

San Francisco is fortunate to have free certified used motor oil collection sites at 26 automotive-related businesses that are volunteering to help protect the environment. For more information and to find the nearest used motor oil and filter drop off locations, visit www.sfenvironment.org/motor-oil.

San Francisco Department of the Environment

The San Francisco Department of the Environment (SF Environment) creates visionary policies and innovative programs that promote social equity, protect human health, and lead the way toward a sustainable future. We put our mission into action by mobilizing communities and providing the resources needed to safeguard our homes, our city, and ultimately our planet.