Japanese Cooking Class (JCC)

About the Class


The Japanese Cooking Class (JCC) is an 10-week intensive training program focusing on the general study of cooking and related culinary arts to prepare individuals for a variety of jobs with the food service industry, specifically Japanese restaurants and/or sushi bars. Coursework is centered upon current food and beverage industry standards of food preparation, cooking and plating techniques, equipment operations and maintenance, sanitation and safety, communication skills, applicable regulations, and principles of food service management.


Training course content includes

  • Knowledge of traditional Japanese cuisine and popular Japanese cuisine in California

  • Ingredient preparation of meats, seafood, vegetables and dry foods

  • Proper handling, measurement and usage of various spices and sauces

  • Knife cutting skills and techniques for cooking and presentation

  • Preparation of sushi ingredients such as sushi rice, seafood, etc.

  • Knowledge of popular traditional and modern style sushi rolls

  • Cooking methods such as grilling, frying, steaming and simmering

  • Knowledge of proper hygiene, food safety standards, and kitchen safety and sanitation


Students who have completed our program currently work at Benihana, Genji LLC, Safeway and other local restaurants. Looking to hire our students? Let us know here!

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